Meet Sup Bot, the affordable alternative to DailyBot.

Sup bot automates meetings and helps bring productivity and transparency to your team’s daily workflow.

Acquire remarkable features at an exceptional price

Sup Bot is committed to providing exceptional value to its users. Its stellar features give you an experience that surpasses your expectations, at a price tag that is unbelievably modest. In contrast to DailyBot, you get access to cutting-edge technology without straining your budget.

Generate standups within chat platforms

Sup Bot is designed to streamline tasks for your convenience. So it facilitates the generation of async standups seamlessly within your team’s messaging platforms like Slack, Teams and Webex, apart from the app interface. As opposed to DailyBot, it endeavours to provide you with the liberty to use options, as per your need.

Personalize within pre-defined templates

Experience the power of personalization within Sup’s pre-defined templates. The liberty to tailor your standups empowers you to align the best of technology with your team’s unique preferences, unlike DailyBot. So, create standups as per your team’s needs to transform the way your team works.

Engage according to your preference

Sup Bot offers personalized communication choices like no other. Access to both dialog-based and chat-based interactions makes it a versatile and user-centric tool. In contrast to DailyBot, Sup gives you the right to engage and collaborate as per your team preferences.

Access intelligent vacation management

Sup Bot gives you an access point to smart holiday management. It optimizes your team’s leave-tracking process and empowers you with insights to make informed decisions. It fosters an environment of trust and integrity by pausing standups on holidays. Unlike DailyBot, it provides you with an advanced solution that efficiently eliminates the complexities of managing team time-offs.

Used by thousands of great companies all over the world

Comparing Sup Bot vs DailyBot


50 Users


Conversational follow-ups
Dialog window follow-ups
Follow-up customizable question
Follow-up daily summary
Follow-up analytics and stats
Follow-up templates
Multiple follow-up scheduling options
Anonymous mood tracking
Survey forms and polls
Holiday Tracking
Google Sheets integration
Access control
Flat price for the entire team