Meet Sup Bot, the affordable alternative to Standuply.

Sup is easy to use and easy to report. Get all the features at an affordable price.

An economically prudent choice

Sup Bot endeavours to bring you features that revolutionize the way your team works. It strives to do so at a price that is most cost-effective for you. Unlike Standuply, it focuses on leveraging the best of its resources to minimize your expenditures and maximize your team’s efficiency.

Smooth compatibility with small screens

Sup Bot has been designed to be flexible and user-friendly. So, it accommodates users who prefer to operate it on large screens and those who prefer to use it on mobile phones, unlike Standuply. It places a heavy emphasis on inclusivity to give you an experience that is both smooth and versatile.

The key to smart leave management

Sup Bot offers a suite of comprehensive features. In contrast to Standuply, it simplifies the complex task of organizing and monitoring your team's leaves. Its efficient leave management system streamlines the leave request and approval process. In addition, Sup mutes all follow-ups on holidays so that you have a team that can prioritize their well-being and enhance their efficiency.

Seamless fusion of mood assessment

At Sup Bot, we recognize the value of monitoring team mood in workplaces. We understand how important it is to perform this task on a daily basis. So, as opposed to Standuply, Sup integrates mood tracking within its standups. The anonymity of the responses provides your team with a safe platform, preserving the integrity of your workplace.

Used by thousands of great companies all over the world

Comparing Sup Bot vs Standuply


50 Users


Conversational follow-ups
Dialog window follow-ups
Follow-up customizable question
Follow-up daily summary
Follow-up analytics and stats
Follow-up templates
Multiple follow-up scheduling options
Anonymous mood tracking
Survey forms and polls
Holiday Tracking
Google Sheets integration
Access control
Flat price for the entire team