Meet Sup Bot, the affordable alternative to Standup Alice.

Sup Bot empowers you to simplify your daily meetings and transform the way you work, accelerating team growth and productivity.

A multitude of features at an impressive price

Sup Bot strives to deliver you the best at a minimum investment. It presents you with a plethora of pertinent features that make managing your team effortless. The abundance of features it offers you surpasses that of Standup Alice, while simultaneously ensuring financial accessibility for you.

Powerful analytics to derive insights

At Sup Bot, we believe that decisions must always be backed by a comprehensive analysis of supporting figures. Sup endows you with the ability to do so using its follow-ups. Unlike Standup Alice, it capacitates you to view in-depth analytics for a profound understanding of available data.

Unrivalled expert at exceptional leave management

Sup Bot is the expert answer to your team’s leave management needs. You can expect not only a complete streamlining of the team’s holiday management process but also paused stand-up notifications on all time-offs. This capability renders Sup superior to all its counterparts.

Incredible integrations that drive efficiency

Sup Bot has been designed to bring efficiency to your daily workflow. Keeping up with its core design, it takes efficiency a notch higher by integrating with powerful third-party applications like Google Calendar and Google Sheets. In contrast to Standup Alice, Sup keeps a watchful eye on your needs and delivers excellence.

Used by thousands of great companies all over the world

Comparing Sup Bot vs Standup Alice


Standup Alice
50 Users


Standup Alice
Conversational follow-ups
Dialog window follow-ups
Follow-up customizable question
Follow-up daily summary
Follow-up analytics and stats
Follow-up templates
Multiple follow-up scheduling options
Anonymous mood tracking
Survey forms and polls
Holiday Tracking
Google Sheets integration
Access control
Flat price for the entire team