Meet Sup Bot, the affordable alternative to Geekbot.

Sup Bot's features, customisation, and pricing make it the #1 Geekbot alternative for teams that want to automate their meetings.

Impeccable functionality at a remarkable cost

At Sup Bot, we are committed to equipping you with top-notch features that provide you with pertinent solutions. You can enjoy the same features as Geekbot at a price that defies any comparison. So, experience excellence without incurring excessive costs.

A broad spectrum of valuable features

At Sup Bot, we understand that access to a plethora of valuable features is not a luxury but a necessity. So, Sup exists with a myriad of beneficial features. As opposed to Geekbot, it offers more than just daily standup features. The survey forms and the holiday tracker up its sleeve make it an invaluable pick for all teams.

In-depth analytics for intricate insights

Sup Bot has been created to help you make well-informed decisions. With its in-depth analytics that delve deeper into data to provide you with profound and detailed insights, it empowers you to make decisions that are backed by numbers and sound reasoning. In contrast to Geekbot, Sup goes beyond the surface-level data to offer you metrics that are both meticulous and nuanced.

Exceptional client support

Sup Bot is an ally to teams that innovate solutions and inspire change. It understands how urgent it is to deliver prompt assistance so that your workflows are never paused for long. With response times that are briefer than Geekbot and support within 24 hours, Sup goes above and beyond to ensure the utmost satisfaction for you, its valued partner.

Used by thousands of great companies all over the world

Comparing Sup Bot vs Geekbot


50 Users


Conversational follow-ups
Dialog window follow-ups
Follow-up customizable question
Follow-up daily summary
Follow-up analytics and stats
Follow-up templates
Multiple follow-up scheduling options
Anonymous mood tracking
Survey forms and polls
Holiday Tracking
Google Sheets integration
Access control
Flat price for the entire team